Jaco Pastorius - The GOAT

Jaco Pastorius.  His name and greatness is synonymous with Jimi Hendrix in most bass players' points of view.  He changed bass forever, just as Jimi changed guitar.  In this video, at just 25-years-old, Jaco blows through a solo that showcases his laser-like rhythmic precision and acrobatic finger ability--something no other bassist at the time was remotely capable of emulating.  Being the first bassist with widespread presence and influence to play a fretless bass, many bass players ruined their basses trying to rip the frets out of their fingerboards in an attempt to sound like Jaco.  His influence is ever-lasting.  Bassists around the world today still try to duplicate Jaco's style and feel, but no one can truly do it like Jaco could.  

Jaco's debut eponymous album is regarded by many as the greatest display of bass playing of all time.  He was 25 when he recorded it.  I know you want to hear it, so click here.