Thundercat On The Prowl

If you haven't heard of Thundercat yet, you should check him out.  Not only is he referred to as a "bass virtuoso", his songwriting and vocal melodies really put his musicianship on display.  He may be a little unorthodox, but so many things that are called "great" aren't cut from the "normal" cloth.  Not only an artist as himself, Thundercat is a flourishing studio musician that has contributed and has been featured on a number of artists' work that you may have already heard.  His influence can be heard on albums from artists like Kendrick Lamar, Erykah Badu, Childish Gambino, Flying Lotus, and Mac Miller, to name a few.  But for now, check out what he can do by himself because it's incredible!

The entire album entitled, Drunk, is incredible.  Super soulful and vibey!  Check it out here.

Nahko & Medicine For The People

Nahko and his band, Medicine For The People, are one of the most important (if not the most important) artists in our lives.  Through his struggle, he has created music that gifts messages of gratitude, forgiveness, and unconditional love, yet also creates a call to action.  Nahko is an Earth and unity-conscious soul that aims to protect clean water, among other Earthly issues, and demands equality for all.  This song gave us so much strength, hope, and inspiration during a tumultuous time in our lives.  His music is "medicine", hence the name of his band.  We can fully attest to its healing qualities.  This song also added fuel to our fire to not only be better people to others, but to be better people to ourselves.  It's needless to say that we surely believe in the good things comin'.

The album this song is off of is called Dark As Night, and you can listen to the entire thing here.  Trust us, it's worth it.

Jack Garratt - Surprise Yourself

I know very little about Jack Garratt except for the fact that this song/video hit me with the feels.  The message behind this song is so beautiful, and the fact that he was able to catch people "surprising themselves" on video is what makes the message stronger.  It's healthy to surprise yourself--face your fears--do something you never thought you would.  It changes you.  You become stronger within yourself, and have a clearer sense of why you should believe in yourself.  So, go ahead and check this out.  You may be inspired to "surprise yourself" today.

I just discovered Jack Garratt last night.  All I know is that he is from the UK, makes music for the right reasons, and is still active.  Here's another awesome song and video for you to check out!

Royal Blood - Lights Out

Royal Blood is a two-piece rock band hailing from Brighton, UK, comprised by just a drummer (Ben Thatcher) and bassist/lead singer (Mike Kerr).  We've been a fan of theirs since their first album, Out Of The Black, but their new album, How Did We Get So Dark?, has turned us into super-fans.  Every single song gives an ample amount of groove, with just the right amount of heaviness, and is accompanied by Mike's attitude-drenched vocals.  Although they're a two-piece, through the innovative use of equipment, Mike gets his bass to sound like both a guitar and bass at the same time.  Hear this for yourself in their new single, "Lights Out." 

How do they sound live?  Amazing.  Check out a live performance here.

Omar Rodriquez Lopez - The Expert Experimentalist

Omar Rodriguez Lopez has been an eccentric presence in the guitar world since his days with Sparta.  He gained more notoriety through the bombastic and outlandish project he created with Cedric Bixler-Zavala, called The Mars Volta.  In this video, he creates an array of atmospheres that are punctuated by Deantoni Parks' drumming, and beautified by the female singer (name unknown).  The dynamics created by Deantoni are unlike anything we've ever seen from a drummer--truly pushing boundaries for the number of sounds a drummer can create.

Want to get really crazy with Omar?  Check out The Mars Volta's first album here.

Token Makes It Look Like A "Doozy"

We randomly discovered Token through YouTube, and we're happy we did.  This 18-year-old rapping prodigy unloads an inferno through crazy-fast flurries of words in this song called, "Doozy", and makes it look like a doozy while doing it.  The psychedelic video elements are emblematic of the way it makes your brain spin trying to keep up with what he's saying.  If you listen closely, however, you'll find that he raps about real-life events, and isn't just stringing a bunch of words together to sound cool.  In other songs, he talks about his struggles in dealing with depression and anxiety.  In short, he has found a way to take his problems and use them as fuel for his career--something that truly inspires us.

Want more?  Check out his jaw-dropping (and moving) freestyle on Sway In The Morning here.

John Frusciante...enough said.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been a major presence in music since Blood Sugar Sex Magik came out in 1991.  Their live performances over the years kept growing and evolving into a high-octane, celestial experience, especially when John Frusciante would take us on sonic journeys such as this.  Not to discredit the brilliance of Anthony, Flea, and Chad, but John is what makes this video so special. 

Sharay Reed - Bass Groove Guru

The first time we saw this, we may have watched it three or four times in a row.  Everything about this video (except for the potato video quality) is mind-blowing.  The vibe of the choir singing over such an incredible groove is truly uplifting.  It really shows how music can be such a uniting and healing element for all who are a part of making it, let alone those who were fortunate enough to experience this in the audience first-hand.  


Anomalie is a Montreal-based keyboardist and producer that was recently signed to Gramatik's Lowtemp record label.  Even at such a young age, he is already showing virtuoso-like qualities in his compositions and performances.  He isn't as big as you would expect, however, that won't be the situation for much longer.  Before you know it, this young dude's music will be blasting at festivals around the world.  So, check it out, and save the "thank yous" for him.  Absolute fire.  

Check out his brand new EP in its entirety here.