Token Makes It Look Like A "Doozy"

We randomly discovered Token through YouTube, and we're happy we did.  This 18-year-old rapping prodigy unloads an inferno through crazy-fast flurries of words in this song called, "Doozy", and makes it look like a doozy while doing it.  The psychedelic video elements are emblematic of the way it makes your brain spin trying to keep up with what he's saying.  If you listen closely, however, you'll find that he raps about real-life events, and isn't just stringing a bunch of words together to sound cool.  In other songs, he talks about his struggles in dealing with depression and anxiety.  In short, he has found a way to take his problems and use them as fuel for his career--something that truly inspires us.

Want more?  Check out his jaw-dropping (and moving) freestyle on Sway In The Morning here.