Omar Rodriquez Lopez - The Expert Experimentalist

Omar Rodriguez Lopez has been an eccentric presence in the guitar world since his days with Sparta.  He gained more notoriety through the bombastic and outlandish project he created with Cedric Bixler-Zavala, called The Mars Volta.  In this video, he creates an array of atmospheres that are punctuated by Deantoni Parks' drumming, and beautified by the female singer (name unknown).  The dynamics created by Deantoni are unlike anything we've ever seen from a drummer--truly pushing boundaries for the number of sounds a drummer can create.

Want to get really crazy with Omar?  Check out The Mars Volta's first album here.

Joe. Dart. On The Fen-der Bass

If you haven't yet heard of Vulfpeck, you're welcome.  They're one of the most musically talented group of musicians, with their "comedy" knob consistently on 11.  They've got dozens of nasty, head-bobbin', feel-good grooves; some are just instrumentals, others have soulful singers like Antwaun Stanley.  Their bassist, Joe Dart, is known to be rather timid, but put him on stage and he becomes a friggin' BEAST.  Needless to say, these guys have been a tremendous source of inspiration for years.  Enjoy.

We already know you want more of this, so here ya go. 

John Frusciante...enough said.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been a major presence in music since Blood Sugar Sex Magik came out in 1991.  Their live performances over the years kept growing and evolving into a high-octane, celestial experience, especially when John Frusciante would take us on sonic journeys such as this.  Not to discredit the brilliance of Anthony, Flea, and Chad, but John is what makes this video so special.