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Stealing Oceans is a Nashville-based hip-hop fusion group that was formed by Brian Thompson to bring messages of positivity and appreciation for each day. Together, Stealing Oceans strives to inspire others with their message to Stay Youthful, Be Grateful, and Always Love.

For three consecutive years, Stealing Oceans has been nominated as “Best Live Act” at the Nashville Industry Music Awards. Their live performance brings unmatched energy, audience participation, and even backflips to the stage, where it is clear the band shines as an encouraging influence for fans.

Stealing Oceans recently signed a management deal with Starstruck Entertainment and their debut EP,  Let The Kids Play was released on April 6th, 2018.





A Nashville based singer-songwriter that epitomizes the very definition of what Blues, Soul, and Rock music is! Debut album "The Place That I Call Home" is available everywhere.




Selected as an emerging artist by the Country Music Association for the past two years, this Tiburon, Calif. native songwriter and Vanderbilt graduate was also recently awarded a Music Row Magazine DisCovery Award and the 2016 Nashville Industry Music Award for ‘Best Live Country Performer.’ 

The blue-eyed blonde released her new album, Signs Along the Road, last summer which was produced by Matt Odmark of the Grammy award-winning band Jars of Clay.

How it began

David and Pat started playing music together ten years ago as the rhythm section for the three-piece rock band, Wings of Apollo. From the beginning, they had a natural way of connecting through the art of playing music.  Around Nashville, Martin and Graves became known for their high energy performances and ability to lock in as a single unit.

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