MG Family

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DMart (Drums // Vocals)

DAVID MARTIN, also known as "DMart", is the drummer and co-founding member of Mutual Groove. He aims to create music that helps others grow to their fullest potential while at the same time challenging himself to grow to his. Originally from Chantilly, VA, the driving force behind everything he creates has been the consistent anxiety he has felt since childhood, and the growth mindset that has stemmed from it. Over the past decade, DMart has backed up countless artists with tight grooves, big smiles, and strong showmanship on the drums. In 2016, he utilized his business degree from James Madison University and launched his own music business, DMart Music, specializing in audio production and videography. Through Mutual Groove, he hopes to develop strong relationships with inspiring artists and enhance their shows to the highest extent.

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PGravy (Bass)

PAT GRAVES, also known as "PGravy" and "FlipADay", is the bassist and co-founding member of Mutual Groove, as well as the creator of FlipADay and the Inspire Happiness movement. Born on April 12th, 1988 in Arlington, Virginia, Pat quickly found out that he had two major passions in his life—music and acrobatics. The divorce of his parents really propelled him into these two passions as a source of healing and peace during times of turmoil.  As an avid lover of both music and acrobatics, Graves’ bass playing exudes both the grace, and high-energy intensity of a world class gymnast. His chemistry with David Martin has been bubbling for almost twelve years, and they continue to find creative ways to turn heads and open ears through their featured recordings and live performances. 

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RySwy (Saxophone // Vocals)

RYAN SWINEHART is from Chesapeake, VA, and has been captivating audiences with his saxophone since he began playing in the early 2000s. He grew up playing with the worship team at his home church and bands around town before moving to Nashville, TN, to pursue audio engineering and music business at Belmont University. Since graduating in 2012, he is actively producing, playing, engineering, creating music and touring across the country, working with artists like The Backstreet Boys, Stealing Oceans, Jake Clemons (Bruce Springsteen), Dave Audè, Justin Moore, The Last Bison and other notable mainstream acts.

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Sam Woods (Guitar // Vocals)

SAM WOODS is a guitar player originally from Round Hill, VA. After attending Berklee College of Music for a year, he decided to head down to Music City to continue his quest as a musician/artist. His playing style contributes to modern funk, while letting echoes from Classic Rock's past permeate through to the present.