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Mutual Groove BIO

With the Funk Brothers of Motown as their main inspiration, Mutual Groove aims to be the rhythm section that comes to mind when you think of a well-pocketed band. Founders David Martin aka DMart (drums) and Pat Graves aka PGravy (bass) have a history of twelve years playing music together, having started their first band in 2007. Through their first band, the duo learned they had a rare chemistry that needed to be expanded upon. Martin and Graves came up with the backbone of Mutual Groove's mission, a rhythm section for hire, because they understood there were a great amount of Nashville artists and songwriters that needed a locked-in drummer and bassist for both on-stage and in-studio purposes. Concurrently, to ensure their own musical desires were fulfilled, Martin created his own studio (DMart Music) at which the group regularly writes and records original music.

In 2016, Mutual Groove were hired by rising Nashville hip hop artist, Stealing Oceans, through which they gained great experience touring internationally, and tightened their grip on performing and recording in both the hip hop and pop styles of music. As their tenure as Stealing Oceans' rhythm section continued, their chemistry with saxophonist, Ryan Swinehart, and guitarist, Sam Woods continued to bubble with colorful potential.

Now, with almost three years of experience both on the road and in the studio together, Mutual Groove has officially grown by two, making Mutual Groove a fully locked and loaded musical entity ready to bring artists live performances and records to a new level.

The benefits of bringing Mutual Groove into your project stretches beyond their musicianship. Their personalities and laughter-filled friendship permeate the music they're a part of. On stage, Mutual Groove are known as tried and true performers. Their uplifting and positive energy generates a sense of togetherness that is consistently present at any live performance they're a part of.

Mutual Groove aim to create a supportive foundation of unity built by honest and heartfelt communication. Both Martin and Graves have recurring battles with anxiety and depression, which have instilled within them a powerful growth mindset. Through communication with themselves individually (meditation, self-care, etc.), each other, and with others, they've learned true happiness can flow. Mutual Groove's mission is to grow The Groovement--a community based on acceptance and understanding--which is active in communicating about the mental-wellness of others, with music being the blood that gives The Groovement life.

On July 19th, the band released two original songs, featuring longtime friend Kipp Wilde on vocals/keys, marking the start of a brand new era for Mutual Groove as not only a rhythm section for hire, but also an original music group.